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Crafting with vinyl without a squeegee can be a tedious task. It may result in a creased final product despite extreme effort. Ahijoy brings a perfect set of squeegees that effectively removes creases and bubbles, and lays the film more dependably onto the desired surface.

The squeegees at Ahijoy are sturdy and made of high-quality plastic. They are perfect for crafting since they have soft felt edges and are small enough to hold comfortably. You can confidently apply this soft and smooth material on any surface without worrying about scratching or marking it. The ideal technique to handle a squeegee is to grab it firmly while placing your four fingers on one side and your thumb on the other.

Our squeegee comes in two sizes: 4-inch and 2-inch. Depending on the size of your decal, you can use one that is appropriate and will give the best result. The different sizes also make it easy to apply vinyl designs to large and small surfaces. The only requirement is for the surface to be smooth, clean and dry. Our squeegees come in seven amazing shades making crafting a fun and happy task.

You can also use a squeegee as a scraper. After you are done crafting, you can use it to scrape and clean little pieces of vinyl from your mat that get stuck after weeding. It quickly removes scraps and debris prolonging the life of your cutting mat.   

The application of designs becomes a breeze with a squeegee but your effectiveness depends on the angle at which you hold it. Install approximately ½ inch of vinyl at a time while holding the squeegee at a 30° angle. Your squeegee must move across the design in a straight line at all times. After each stroke, we tend to bend downward. This is incorrect and could cause problems. Squeegee should be in a straight line at all times. 

Our squeegees are perfect for applying both adhesive and heat transfer vinyl, paper crafts, lettering, and scrapbooking. Buy a set now for a smooth crafting experience!


  • Durable, flexible and convenient to use.
  • Enables a smooth motion. Effortlessly glides across vinyl films and painted surfaces without leaving any scratches or markings.
  • It is simple to use and store in tiny locations due to its lightweight.
  • Colors available: Blue, green, white, grapefruit, light purple, tiffany trapezoid, and tiffany.
  • Sizes available: 4-inch and 2-inch.