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Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

Defying all expectations and making waves in the vinyl world, Ahijoy presents its new breakthrough the Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl. It is a superb vinyl film like nothing you have ever seen or experienced before. This innovative addition to the Ahijoy vinyl collection is utterly unique! 

What makes this HTV different is that it expands when heat is applied to give a 3D shape to your designs. It will seem as if the decal is an entity on its own projecting from the fabric. Imagine the extraordinary garments you can make using our Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl that has both depth, dimension, and style!

The Amazing Variety

Our Puff HTV is available in two superb categories: Puff Glow in the Dark and Basic Color Puff. The basic color puff is available in ten luscious shades. You can be creative and mix and match two different colors using them side by side on your fabric. The raised 3D effect is highly mesmerizing and looks fabulous, especially on a contrasting monochrome background.

Add a touch of enchantment to this amazing vinyl and you get the puff Glow in the Dark HTV. imagine 3D decals glowing across the room when you turn off the light. What pure delight the sight would be! This vinyl can be used not only on apparel but also to decorate upholstery such as couch throws, cushions, mats, or even wall decorations made of fabrics. The whole room will come to life in the dark. This vinyl is available in seven shades so you can easily get the one that matches your color theme.    

The Superb Features

Ahijoy makes dabbling into the world of craft vinyl and DIY extremely easy. Our vinyl is thin and flexible and shows minimum bubbling that can easily be smoothed out. Not only that, but it is also highly durable with long-lasting adhesion that withstands multiple washes without peeling or cracking. You will not have to worry about the color fading as well if you care for it properly. Simply wash the inside out with your hands, using a mild detergent. 

Our Puff HTV is eco-friendly and non-toxic so you can apply it to your garments without any apprehensions about health hazards. It is available in three different roll sizes: 10''x 24'', 36'', and 48'' giving you the liberty to buy the one that suits your needs and minimizing wastage.  

Transforming Your Fabric

Puff HTV is mostly used on cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly blends and similar fabrics. Including this vinyl in your apparel gives it a contemporary look and helps your brand logo stand out. It is the best form of advertising as you can design free giveaways and other merchandise with it. The 3D look of Puff HTV makes it a go-to for companies and teams as they can put their name out there on T-shirts, bandannas, backpacks, or hats. It is certainly an eye-catching design that will uplift even your accessories like hoodies, bags, and socks. 

Our Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl also works wonders on soft home décor. Upgrade your pillowcases and covers with puffed-up decals that are sure to leave your guests in awe! Puff HTV can make your gifts more heartfelt and personalized and make excellent party favors.

Easy Application

Applying our Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl on your crafts and projects is very easy. First, prepare your design using your electronic cutter. Our Puff HTV is compatible with all craft cutters. Once the design is perfectly carved, weed out excess vinyl and place the design on the garment of your choice. Next, either using a heat press or iron, apply high pressure at 320°F for 15 seconds evenly on the whole design. Remove the liner and enjoy your new clothes with puffed-up decals!

Let’s Add Life To Crafts!

With our two exciting choices in this collection, you can make crafts that are flamboyant, beautiful, and magical. The multiple advantages and beauty of this vinyl make it an absolute must-have. Do not waste any time and order yours now!