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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl

A distinctive t-shirt with a beautiful shimmery design mesmerizes the beholder. You cannot keep your eyes off it, in fact, you would like to have one for yourself as well. These captivating designs are created by exquisite heat transfer vinyl films. This magical vinyl polymer has the capability to glamorize and enliven even the most mundane, lackluster outfits. 

At Ahijoy, we have an extensive variety of premium quality heat transfer vinyl rolls available in multifarious eye-catching colors and finishes. If you are a crafter brimming with immense creativity, who loves to transform ordinary clothing into a beautiful piece of art, you have come to the right place.   

A Vast Array of Exquisite HTV

At Ahijoy, we are proud of the unmatched diversity and beauty of our HTV films. We love to cater to the needs of all our ardent customers. Whether you like shimmer, glitter, matte, patterned or holographic vinyl, we have it for you. This is what we offer in heat transfer vinyl:

  • Standard HTV: These are glossy HTV films that are perfect to create a color contrast with monochrome fabrics. If you are a novice, these are the roles for you to try your hand at. 

  • Glitter HTV: We have two variants of glitter HTV: Plain and stripes. The film, with an overlay of glitter on its surface, is ideal for adding glitz and ritz to a fabric. You can instantly convert a plain outfit into partywear with it. 

  • Metallic HTV: This vinyl film has a soft metal-like shimmer that makes the decal gleam in the light. It is slightly reflective in nature and promises to make your garment look unique and alluring. Add it to pillowcases to jazz up your room decor. 

  • Holographic HTV: This vinyl radiates an iridescent shimmer. It is available in two types: Opal and holographic soft metallic. Opal HTV presents a beautiful play of different vibrant shades against a glossy base. 

  • Puff HTV: If you want your designs to have a 3D look, this is the vinyl for you. We also offer glow-in-the-dark puff HTV that raises the quotient of wonderment manifold. 

  • Patterned HTV: This HTV looks amazing against a plain background. We have a variety of patterns available such as linear, camouflage, animal prints, buffalo plaid, rainbow, and so on. 

  • Ahijoy Surprise: If you want to create an aura of beauty and enchantment, this is the vinyl for you. Our surprise series includes glow-in-the-dark HTV, chameleon, temperature color change, sunlight sensitivity, flock, and other superb vinyl films that will leave everyone in awe. 
  • The Amazing Features

    Our supreme quality HTV is thin and flexible and can be easily transferred onto compatible fabrics. It works best with cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton blends. It is durable and long-lasting adding a touch of class and glamor to your outfits. It can easily withstand multiple washes without fading or losing its charm,

    Our heat transfer vinyl reaches you in impeccable roll packaging. We have different sizes available so you can buy as much as you need to avoid wastage. These are 12''x 24'', 36'' and 48''. Once the design is transferred, you can enhance its longevity by following simple care instructions such as always washing the garment with hands, inside out, and using a mild detergent. Press it inside out as well. 

    Easy Application

    For us, our customers come first. Hence we offer vinyl films that are hassle-free and easy to apply. Our HTV is compatible with all craft cutters so you can carve any design, no matter how intricate it is, very easily. Weeding off negative vinyl from the design is a breeze too. Simply follow the heat and pressure instructions for the different vinyl films and add new life to your outfits.

    It’s Time to Buy!

    We hope you have already added several rolls to the cart. Show the world your creativity and win praise for your wonderful crafts. Let’s head for the checkout.